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The Internet is a means used for a wide spectrum of activities such as entertainment, communication, research etc. It is not restricted by boundaries and can be used by anyone (regardless of age, location, sexual preferences, political views etc). The feeling of freedom that it inspires is misused by certain individuals in such a way that illegal activities present themselves. These activities are described bellow in detail.

Child pornography

Many people find it difficult to imagine pornographic images of children, and therefore do not understand what is meant by "child pornography". In some countries this is referred to as "child abuse imagery" to reinforce that behind images of child pornography there is abuse of real children.

Child pornography has different legal definitions in different countries. The minimum one defines child pornography as a picture that shows a person who is a child and engaged in or is depicted as being engaged in explicit sexual activity. (…)

One of the issues that causes disagreement is the age of consent to sexual relations which differs from country to country. In addition, legislation differs on whether possession of child pornography is a crime, whether an actual child had to be involved and whether morphed images constitute pornography.

Source:  http://www.inhope.org/gns/internet-concerns/overview-of-the-problem/child-pornography.aspx
To report suspected child sexual abuse images on the internet, click here:

Xenophobia and racism

The growing number of websites promoting hate speech on the Internet is a new area of concern. The uncensored nature of the Internet provides the opportunity for those with racist and xenophobic views to promote these to a global audience.

By reporting these websites to hotlines, progress can be made in this area. In 2005, German hotline judgendschutz.net successfully achieved the shut down of several right wing extremist websites run by the Anti-Antifa-Network (AAN) hosted by an Argentinian ISP.

Source: http://www.inhope.org/gns/internet-concerns/overview-of-the-problem/hate-speech.aspx

Cyber bullying

An upcoming online threat is “cyber bullying”. The term “cyber bullying” includes all the activities performed by children to bully others of the same age. More specifically, children use news technologies (social network sites, e-mail, mobile phones etc) in a way that psychologically harms those of the same age. An example of such an activity is forwarding material to a wide social group pointing the finger to and mocking a specific individual.    


A new danger that young users are asked to face is grooming. By grooming we mean all the activities performed by an adult pretending to be of a younger age to communicate, attract and meet up in the physical world with children in order to take advantage of them sexually. The series of communication between an adult and a minor continue for a long time, until the child has a sense of certain safety and trust towards the adult.    


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