Avtivities 2007

  • SafeLine's school visits 2007
    • SafeLine has expanded its activities to include visits at schools, aiming to raise the hotline visibility to the younger ages. Through conversation with the SafeLine representatives, the pupils are encouraged to report any illegal content they spot and learn where they can be informed for the safer use of the internet. With the school visits, SafeLine hopes that it will get more reports directly from children and youths in the future.

      SafeLine's latest school visits:

      •  21-Aug-2007: Zografakis Summer Camp
      •  24-Jul-2007: Zografakis Summer Camp
      •  11-May-2007: Occupational Guidance in Schools from a gender-oriented perspective
      •  3-May-2007: Theatrikos Stathmos of Heraklion
      •  27-Apr-2007: 2nd TEE of Heraklion
      •  20-Apr-2007: 9th Gymnasium of Heraklion
      •  19-Apr-2007: 13th Gymnasium of Heraklion
      •  29-Mar-2007: 7th Gymnasium of Heraklion
      •  8-Mar-2007: 5th Gymnasium of Heraklion

      For photos of the above events  click here

For previous years activities, please follow the respective link: 2006


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