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Do you want to make a report?

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Website details


Newsgroup post details

Please follow these steps in order to find the Message-ID of the post you would like to report:

  • If you use Outlook Express go to: File -> Properties -> Details
  • If you use Mozilla Thunderbird go to: View -> Headers -> All


eDonkey file information

Please read our page about the eDonkey (ed2k) network to find out how to use your ed2k client to find the file information.

Personal Information


Any personal data given will only be used for the purposes of processing your complaint and for further contact with you in order for the process to be successfully carried out. Only the analyst will have access to such data and no further processing or forwarding to competent institutions will be allowed. The content of your complaint, if verified as illegal, may be forwarded either to the Greek Cyber Crime Division or to ICCAM database of INHOPE depending on the case, for further investigation purposes. Your personal information will be stored as long as needed in order for the complaint to be successfully carried out and they will be deleted from the database afterwards.

Do you want to make a report?

  • On-line, filling in the online form.

  • By email, sending a message to


When a user submits a report, the user may choose to keep his/her report anonymous if he/she so wishes. The IP address of the computer used for making a report is not stored in SafeLine’s database and if a user wished to give personal data, these stay confidential and are only used exclusively for his/her update in respect to the progression of the report.

Safeguarding the user’s anonymity works as an urging force surpassing any reluctance and hesitation towards the submission of a report.


For questions/queries or to ask for advice or information from SafeLine, without reporting anything, you can email us at