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How to make a report

Please first choose the type of the report you wish to make and then fill in the corresponding report fields. For each type of reports the mandatory fields are marked with a red asterisk (*). If the report cannot be confirmed because a field is incorrect, it will be rejected.

We would like to point out that filling in your personal details is optional. Therefore, unless you wish the opposite, your report will remain anonymous. When using this online form for making a report, Safeline does not record any additional information (e.g. your IP address) besides the information in the form.

Report Type
Content Type
Website details


Newsgroup post details

Please follow these steps in order to find the Message-ID of the post you would like to report:

  • If you use Outlook Express go to:
    File → Properties → Details
  • If you use Mozilla Thunderbird go to:
    View → Headers → All


eDonkey file information

Please read our page about the eDonkey (ed2k) network to find out how to use your ed2k client to find the file information.

Personal Information


SafeLine is implemented by:

  • Institute of Computer Science, Foundation for Research & Technology- Hellas (FORTH-ICS)

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