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SafeLine is now available on your Android device

Today the World Wide Web is accessible from mobile devices and gadgets beyond the "traditional" computers. In order to facilitate reporting of online illegal content from such devices, SafeLine developed an Android application. The application makes it easier for the user of mobile devices to report any online illegal content they identify without having to go through the reporting pages of our website.

How do I submit a report from my Android device?

Our Android application greatly simplifies the reporting of online illegal content from your mobile device. If you come across suspected illegal content while browsing, it enables you to directly send a report to SafeLine by selecting the suspect URL from your recent browsing history, which is displayed by the application. Of course, if you wish, you can still manually enter a URL to report.
Your reports, remain totally anonymous by default, just like the reports which are submitted through our online form. We should stress that except from the URL you choose to report, no other URL from your browsing history is sent to SafeLine.

Where can I download the SafeLine Android application?

Our application is available for free in the Google Play(Android Market):

SafeLine Android App

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